Canova Family

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10 Stars, because 5 just doesn't cut it!

My son was sleeping during the day, falling asleep perfectly. BUT wasn't re settling and was catnapping his sleeps and waking after 40 minutes.  He had also started waking 2 to 5 times a night and drinking 1 to 2 bottles every night.After just a few days we were having no nightwakes and he was resettling perfectly.
We also unwrapped which was one of my biggeat fears.

I am absolutely amazed at how well my son has responded to Kylie's advice and guidance. Kylie has been my sounding board, a mentor and a become a friend.

She has given my son the greatest gift - The gift of great sleep. She's also given me and my husband our own sleep and adult time.

I'm returning to work in just over a week and feel i have set both my darling son up for success while i can't be with him and also made it easy for my mum to look after him while I'm at work.

Kylie has a wealth of knowledge, she's understanding and compassionate. I have felt supported and informed every step of the way. I highly recommend Kylie's services, she's the best investment and money i have ever spent!

Ps. I'm now not affraid to have baby #2, because I've got you, your knowledge and expertise. You're the best! 

Wilkie Family

 Kylie is amazing!!! We thought our little man would never learn to sleep on his own, but with Kylie’s guidance and support he sleeps from 7pm to 7am every night, in his own cot, and knows how to self-settle. Eight months and counting now (after 13 months of minimal sleep)! In fact, with the preparation and personalised advice provided by Kylie, he fell asleep by himself after 20 minutes on our first night of trying a new sleep regime! Kylie was able to help us with providing our little man with all the right things to help him (and us!) get a good night’s sleep - sleeping environment, clothing, diet, daily routines, the whole lot. She was available to chat whenever we needed to her, and was always kind, encouraging, and knowledgeable. We felt we could trust her advice and that she knew what she was doing, and we are so glad that we went to Kylie for help with our baby’s sleeping!! After 1am bedtimes and a bub who only slept while be breastfed, it’s safe to say we are all reaping the benefits of Kylie’s program. We cannot thank you enough Kylie! 

Strickland Family

 Highly, HIGHLY recommend Kylie. For months we were having sleep issues waking every 40mins-2hrs overnight, feeding to sleep every time (10-12x some nights) catnapping during the day and very hard to settle down naps. Within 2 days, we had a routine established, he was sleeping longer through the day, self settling and resettling easier, eating more, and we had our first sleep through the night in months. By day 5, there are no tears going to bed and is self settling before we’ve even put him down and resettles easier. Thank you so much Kylie. You really have saved us xx 

Joyce Family

 Getting a sleep consultation from Kylie at KSPSS to help with our eight month old was the best thing we’ve ever done! With Kylie’s recommendations we saw immediate improvements in sleep and wellbeing for both us and our baby.
Kylie has a wealth of knowledge and made herself available quickly manage any issues for us as they arose in the moment. Kylie is a wonderfully approachable and compassionate support person and is a must for building skills and confidence for any parent needing help with their baby. 

Langman Family


Only 3 weeks ago I was rocking, patting and sshing my 6 month old daughter to sleep with the use of a dummy and white noise. She wouldn’t go to sleep until late around 10pm or 11pm each night, she woke for a night feed around 4 or 5am, and woke every 30 minutes with her cycles throughout the day. I was exhausted and at breaking point. Thanks to Kylie’s incredible support and advice my daughter is now self settling 100% of the time. No more use of a dummy or white noise. She sleeps through the whole night from 7pm-7am majority of the time. Kylie also supported us with introducing solids.
I highly recommend Kylie’s parent support services.Her response time to my texts and calls was outstanding when I had a query or needed extra support throughout a particularly hard day.
If it wasn’t for Kylie I’d be still rocking my daughter to sleep 8+ times a day.
Thank you Kylie 😊


Beaumont Family

 kylie your advice and support was Absolutely amazing! I cant thank you enough, our little man is a better sleeper and eater thanks to you! x 

Moffett Family

 Outstanding support and advice, words can not express how much Kylie's advice has helped us. In fact not only with sleep, settling and routines but she was the only person (after seeing many doctors) who picked up on the possibility that our daughter had an intolerance to dairy. After cutting dairy and seeing the massive improvement in our daughter we managed a referral to a dietician and discovered she's allergic to. It only dairy but soy and egg. We would never have been on this path if it wasn't for Kylie's support and valuable advice.
Highly recommend her services and can't thank her enough. 

Solly Family

 Kylie has been an absolute life saviour to our family, our second baby was waking at 5am every morning. Leaving a household full of tired parents, tired baby and a grumpy big brother day after day.
After seeking the help of kylie we have had a much happier household with a baby that is no longer over tired and dare I say sleeping in most mornings.
Kylie answers questions and is available almost around the clock, she replies instantly. And just gives that boost of confidence to make me feel at ease that I'm doing the right thing regarding my little ones naps and sleep times etc.
I would recommend Kylie in a heart beat, and will forever be grateful for all the help she has given myself and my family. 

Pezzimenti Family

Dear Kylie,
Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done with us this past week. We have gone from waking 7-8 times a night to sleeping through the night in less than a week! We really feel you have a gift to offer families who have tried all they know and are stuck for answers. I will most certainly be recommending you to my friends who might be struggling with their babies. I am so much more relieved about heading back to work now that we can all sleep peacefully at night. Thank you for listening, giving advice, supporting us through the tough days and following up on us. I'm sure we will be in touch again once the next "phase" starts. 

Price Family

 I first met Kylie via an online facebook group almost 6 years ago. I will be forever greatfull for her support and willing less to help me through my journey as a mother. From early new born stages to later toddler years with my 2 children, Kylie is always happy to help in solving my sleep/bahaviour issues. Most recently Kylie has also been able to offer great advice and support in relation to my anxiety issues. Kylie is an inspirational woman and Im proud to say she is my friend! 

Tognazzini Family

 Kylies wonderful support, advice amd gentle approach was a god send for a new mum of two! Kylie helped me combat dreadded catnapping with my littlest one.
We now have perfect day sleeps that fit and are flexible with my eldests' extracurricular commitments.
Both of my girls now sleep from 6pm-7am! Thanks so much Kylie! 

Craven Family

Not only has this woman been an amazing friend since our first babies were little but as a basically new mum again (6 years between) and forgetting what all that baby stuff is about. Kylie has been my saviour through working out Harriets sleeping and feeding to just giving me a gentle nudge to trust my instincts. Her support and encouragement for parents is amazing. Cannot sing her praises and recommend her enough!

Holmes Family

Actually just wanted to tell you I honestly think I'm in love with you SHE SLEPT 8 HOURS IN A ROW LAST NIGHT!! I feel so great right now. 

Colvin Family

 Very professional service
Informative information and support was given through my whole experience with Kylie. Highly recommended 

Stanfield Family

You offer an AMAZING service. And you give people back their lives. The change in Eloise with the simple shift in routines in amazing its revolutionizing our day. 

Purcell Family

 Kylie helped us with our second little boy, The advice she gave worked quickly and was so easy to follow and implement. We were so impressed with her knowledge and so grateful for her help.
Thank you Kylie, you are fantastic  

Kane and Hayley Family

 Kylie's advice has been a massive help to our little family. Feeling much more confident and our little boy Ryder is sleeping so much better. Thank you so much I actually feel in control and mum and dad r getting the rest we need, again thank you! 

Ryan Family

 Kylies service is a life changer. Went from a screaming baby who refused to sleep at all during the day, to a happy baby that has naps happily and pretty much sleeps through the night. I would definitely recommend her wonderful services to parents 


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